European Directories announces change of leadership at DTG

Amsterdam, 12 December 2018

The Board of Directors of European Directories Midco S.à r.l. has accepted the resignation letters from Erik Wiechers (CEO) and Stef Hinfelaar (CFO) and announced today changes within the leadership at DTG. Jessika Van Veen will start as acting CEO with immediate effect and Neil Robson will join her on the board as part of the new Management Team that has been created in close cooperation with the European Directories Board lead by Marcus Englert.

The new Management Team will accelerate the execution of the strategy to create a leading service provider for digital marketing and local search for small- and medium sized businesses in the Netherlands including the full digitalization of the core processes within DTG.

“We would like to thank Erik and Stef for their contributions to DTG in the last years. They have guided DTG through the recent transformation from a print into a 100% online service business. We are confident that the new Management Team will accelerate DTG further into a digital business and service partner to small- and medium sized businesses”, says Marcus Englert, Chairman of the Board at European Directories Midco S.à r.l.

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